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◈ Have you been injured in an accident? You deserve COMPENSATION! While insurance companies would like to pay you as little as possible, an experienced law firm can help you battle to ensure you get what fully deserve. Our firm has a reputation for getting policy limits or more in almost every case we undertake. While no one can promise maximal success every time, the staff at Angulo Law Group has the experience, reputation and skill to work for the best results in your situation.

◈ Unlike many law firms, Angulo Law Group does not advertise on billboards, in media markets or through sponsoring events or using purchased awards to bolster our pride. Instead, our thriving firm is predicated, primarily, on referrals from satisfied clients who appreciate the labor put in on their behalf. While the firm, and its attorneys, have numerous awards attached to them, those awards have all been earned based on objective criteria.

◈ This is because, at Angulo Law Group, we truly care about our clients as people rather than as a source of funding. Moreover, the broad range of experience our attorneys have mean that the firm can be a virtual one-stop shop for all your legal needs. Please come in and meet with us and see for yourself why we get the results we do. We are confident you will be glad you did!


We Have

We Have Won Millions Dollars For Our Clients. We would love to have you join the list!

We Have Won Millions Dollars For Our Clients. We would love to have you join the list!

◈ Led by Peter M. Angulo, our team has skilled litigation attorneys and case managers experienced in numerous areas of the law. So, whether you have been injured in an accident while in a motorized vehicle, on a boat or bicycle, as a pedestrian, driver, passenger; on the road, at work or just out and about, we can handle your needs. Furthermore, we can handle contract issues, landlord-tenant problems, employment concerns, malpractice matters, estate planning or other matters needing the assistance of an attorney, we should be able to assist you. If, for some reason, we are unable to work on your matter, we will give you one or more referrals of attorneys we respect that can provide further assistance.

◈ If you are unsure whether you have a case, please feel free to contact our office for an initial consultation on the link below.

Why Choose Us?



◈ Experience

After an accident, the insurance scene can be tricky — the insurance company, generally, wants to pay out as little as possible (if at all). For the unwary or inexperienced, the outcome is usually not good. You need someone who understands the law surrounding personal injuries, understands the insurance industry, and has the ability to take them to trial if necessary to obtain the best result. Indeed, one of the first questions anyone should ask when hiring an attorney is whether they EVER go to court and, more importantly, have they EVER gone to trial. Furthermore, in case a bad result is obtained, can they pursue the matter on appeal? Angulo Law Group’s attorneys/staff have over 60 years of combined experience handling cases while working in insurance defense firms. It clearly understands what insurance companies want and how the defense counsel and the experts they hire work. More importantly, while it is not always in the client’s best interest to go to court, the lawyers at Angulo Law Group are experienced litigation lawyers in both state and federal courts. Rest assured that at our firm you are in safe, experienced hands. Not only do we know the law, we know the lawyers and the judges that make up the system. Furthermore, Peter M. Angulo is actively involved as an Arbitrator and Short Trial Judge in this County and has a great sense of the pulse of the juror pool.


◈ We Win!

Not to brag, but Angulo Law Group LLC is committed to doing everything it can to ensure you are fully compensated for your damages. Historically, a high percentage of the cases handled received the maximum available insurance limits—if not above that amount. The secret to winning any case is preparation and cooperation. If you choose us as your attorneys, we will work together to ensure you are getting the proper medical attention to provide the optimal recovery. We will partner with you to discuss the handling of the case and respond, if possible, to your expressed concerns and needs. While every case is different and can change in value over time, the firm does very well for its clients—as evidence, in part, by its being a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Let's help you get the most compensation from your personal injury cases! Not sure what your chances are of winning your personal injury case? Get on a FREE consultation call now!


◈ We Care!

The Angulo Law Group is dedicated to serving the needs of its clients because, frankly, we care. Routinely, our clients become our friends. We have invested heavily in having employees who speak Spanish to be able to better serve that growing part of our community. We have been there for our client from divorces to family tragedies to celebratory events like graduations. Our staff is constantly in touch with clients who simply need to talk or to vent about an unrelated issue. The driving aim of the firm to is do all it can to make our clients’ lives better and, to the extent possible, mitigate the tragic effects the circumstances that brought them to our firm have rendered on them. Give us a chance to help ease your stress. Call today and book an appointment!