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No one wants to be involved in auto accidents. Unfortunately, it happened to you or a relative. That is why you’re here, yes?

So, what has happened has happened. Move on? Not quite…

Recover from the injuries with FAIR and FAT compensation while you move on. Let us help you!

What is the nature of your auto accident?


Do You Need

An Auto Accident Lawyer?

◈ Here are 3 ways an auto accident lawyer can be the difference


If you have any insurance leading to your accident, you’d be surprised how quickly your claim can be declined. And say the claims were approved, the chances are that your insurance company is closed to negotiation.

These limitations won’t help you. Your car or ligaments have been damaged. Your insurance shouldn’t be holding you back.

An auto accident lawyer can help you avoid all the drama. With the service of one, you have the legal backup to negotiate with your insurance company and fight them in court – if need be.

Either way, you’ll get the most compensation from insurance.

Auto accidents feature several other damages and claims beyond just the cars involved. Other properties could be injured in the process. You could even lose your job.

So, unless you’re affiliated with a personal injury lawyer or any lawyer, you probably don’t know the
appropriate claims you’re owed.

As a result, you’d be cheated by the other party and be under-compensated.

In the end, you might have claims to all the damages and claims — lost wages, medical bills, personal injury, and property damage.

With an auto accident lawyer, on the other hand, you don’t even have to have any prior knowledge
of how insurance or accidents work. Yet, you’ll be compensated FULLY for all your claims.

Even if you understand car accident laws in Las Vegas and Henderson, getting help is likely for the best.

Remember, you were involved in an accident. You must get some rest even if you were not injured.
Take some time to chill and not worry about legal cases.

Besides, you’re emotionally invested in the incident. As a result, you might likely fluff your lines
and lose your claims.

Bottomline: getting accident lawyers isn’t only just about expertise but for comfort. They are also
unbiased and equally care for you.

In that case, no one comes close to Angulo Law Group LLC in Las Vegas and Henderson.


Angulo Law

Group LLC Cares About You

Having handled several auto accidents in a career spanning over 3 decades, Peter M. Angulo
(founder of Angulo Law Group LLC) understands how car accident laws work and how victims are exploited.

Peter wants better for you. And not just him; we all at Angulo Law Group LLC want you to receive the most compensation for your damages.

So, relax and recover from your accident and damages while we represent your case.


our Process.


We usually help our clients solve their Auto accident cases using three simple steps:


◈ Evaluation

To help us represent you appropriately, you will walk us through the fundamentals of your claims.

What caused the accident?
Were you at fault?
Do you have insurance?
What type?

Besides your answers, we'll send our agents to the scene. That way, we can collect crucial evidence that corroborates your story.


◈ Interest

As much as we care about your case, we can't do anything until you show interest in our legal services.


◈ Representation

Once the investigation is completed, we will represent you on all fronts — whether insurance or legal. And say the case goes to court; we'll still be on hand to mediate and negotiate on your behalf.

In short, we will take all the stress of car accident suits away from you while you focus on recovering.