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Being on the receiving end of a motorcycle accident is harsh. You could suffer cuts & lacerations, damaged joints, or even organ damage.

Injuries aside, you could lose your precious motorcycle or even your job.

On the other hand, the car driver or passengers might not suffer a scratch.

Unfair, eh?

The least you deserve is FAIR compensation for the damages. Right?


Do You Need

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

If you own a motorcycle and ride it often, having a motorcycle accident lawyer is a no-brainer. Here is why:

According to the US Department of Transportation, motorcycle fatalities have increased by 100% in the last two decades.

Furthermore, motorcycles are 35x more likely to be in a deadly wreck than cars.

You could argue that you’d be careful while driving your motorcycle. How about the drivers who don’t obey safety rules?

Bottomline: you need a motorcycle accident lawyer. Below are the top benefits you stand to gain by hiring one.


If you’re unfamiliar with the accident laws of Las Vegas, you will likely be overwhelmed with all the legal processes. You might not even know that you are due for a particular settlement.

News flash: you have a claim if the accident is due to someone else’s negligence. And depending on the fatality of the accident, the claim can be as high as $250K.

That’s quite a lot, right?

But you likely don’t know that.

In fact, your claims might fetch you more than $250K in settlement— you can get up to millions of dollars. But you’ll never know if you don’t hire the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Knowing your rights to a claim is only the first step to getting settled. You still have to build the case.

Otherwise, you might lose a seemingly straightforward claim or get under-compensated. To avoid such scenarios, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer.

So, what is the case building about?

  • For starters, the lawyer will gather evidence to establish that the accident happened and that you were injured.
  • Also, the lawyer will gather proof of the at-fault driver’s negligence. And this part is the hardest since it involves pitching brains against insurers and other attorneys.
  • Calculate the total cost of your injuries and the damages. This stage requires that you reach MMI, Maximum Medical Improvement. Otherwise, you will be under-compensated.

Let’s say you know about motorcycle accident laws. Do you have the time to build the case?

Where is the time?

If you can run around to build your case, were you even injured to start?

A defense lawyer could use that pitch against your settlement.

More importantly, running around while you ought to be resting is not wise. Your injuries could worsen.

At the same time, we understand why you might want to build your case without help. You probably think all motorcycle accident lawyers in Las Vegas are about money.

Well, we are different at Angulo Law Group LLC. We care beyond the money.


Angulo Law

Group LLC Cares About You

In a career spanning over 3 decades, Peter M. Angulo (founder of Angulo Law Group LLC) has resolved several motorcycle accident cases. He understands how the laws work and how victims are exploited.

Peter wants better for you. And not just him; we all at Angulo Law Group LLC want you to receive the most compensation for your damages.

So, relax and recover from your accident and damages while we represent your case.

our Process.


We usually help our clients solve their motorcycle accident cases using three simple steps:


◈ Evaluation

To help us represent you appropriately, you will walk us through the fundamentals of your claims.

Where did the accident happen?
Can you remember how it happened?
Were you partly at fault?
Do you have insurance?
What type?

Besides your answers, we'll send our agents to the scene. That way, we can collect crucial evidence that corroborates your story.


◈ Interest

As much as we care about your case, we can't do anything until you show interest in our legal services.


◈ Representation

Once the investigation is completed, we will represent you on all fronts — whether insurance or legal.

And say the case goes to court; we'll still be on hand to mediate and negotiate on your behalf.

In short, we will take all the stress of your claims away while you focus on recovering.