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Bicycling is a cost-effective way to move around in expensive cities like Las Vegas and Henderson. You won’t need to spend on fuel or parking.

Plus, bicycling is an exercise. You get to remain in shape and commute around Clark County.

Unfortunately, bicycles are easily damaged during accidents. Worse case: you could suffer severe injuries — like fractured bones, dislocated limbs, or burns.

We can’t help with fixing the injuries. But we can ensure you get compensated FULLY and FAIRLY. 

How did your accident happen?

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Do You Need

A Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

◈ Unlike vehicles, there is less protection for victims of bicycle accidents. Outside the helmet and your clothes, your body is fully exposed and will easily be injured.

With that reality, you’re probably too dazed to remember how the accident happened. Who was at fault?

Can you describe the at-fault driver and their car?

Could you remember any witnesses?

You should be in the hospital to recover. Let a bicycle accident lawyer gather the evidence and get you compensation.

◈ Below are more benefits of hiring a bicycle accident lawyer.


So many critical details go into building a bicycle accident case. For starters, you must establish that you followed the rules of the road.

Do you even know the rules?

Were you on the bike lane?

Where there are no designated lanes, were you riding as close to the right-hand side of the road as possible?

Did you go out of control because of some defective bike parts?

Overall: you must prove that you’re owed a duty of care. But what if you are at fault?

With some guidance, you can still pursue a claim. For that to happen, you need a bicycle accident lawyer.

They (the lawyers) understand that the case-building process is all just negotiation. You have to show that the defendant was more at fault than you, the victim.

Whether partly as fault or not, the best case gets the most compensation. But you must first know your rights.

What damages can you get compensated for?

Will the claim be limited to medicals (ongoing or one-time), bicycle repairs, or loss of income?

Will there be compensation for punitive damages?

A bicycle accident lawyer can help you determine your worth. And rest assured that your case will be well presented and defended.

You’ll get nothing less than a FAIR and FAT compensation. The injury and its mark might never leave, but you will be able to move on.

Bottom line: hiring a bicycle accident lawyer is for your peace of mind.


Hire Angulo Law

Group LLC

In a career spanning over 3 decades, Peter M. Angulo (founder of Angulo Law Group LLC) has resolved several bicycle accident cases. He understands how the laws work and how victims are exploited.

Peter wants the BEST for you. And not just him; we all at Angulo Law Group LLC want you to receive the most compensation for your damages.

So, relax and recover from your accident and damages while we represent your case.

our Process.


We usually help our clients solve their bicycle accident cases using three simple steps:


◈ Evaluation

To help us represent you appropriately, you will walk us through the fundamentals of your claims.

Where did the accident happen?
Can you remember how it happened?
Were you partly at fault?
Do you have insurance?
What type?

Besides your answers, we'll send our agents to the scene. That way, we can collect crucial evidence that corroborates your story.


◈ Interest

As much as we care about your case, we can't do anything until you show interest in our legal services.


◈ Representation

Once the investigation is completed, we will represent you on all fronts — whether insurance or legal.

And say the case goes to court; we'll still be on hand to mediate and negotiate on your behalf.

In short, we will take all the stress of your claims away while you focus on recovering.