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Bad Faith

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Bad Faith Lawyer Las Vegas by Angulo Law Group. Has your personal injury claim been denied or delayed without reason? Do the defendants’ parties fail to conduct a prompt and complete investigation?

That’s a breach of “contract” and “duty of care,” and a complete mess. That’s bad faith!

Mind you, defendants are not the only culprits. Even your insurance company (to whom you pay your premiums diligently and promptly) can pull a bad faith.

Whatever the case might be, you don’t have to be stranded. Angulo Law Group LLC can help you…

How would you love to pay what you’re due and an EXTRA for additional damages?

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Should You Hire

A Bad Faith Lawyer?

◈ How else will you win against your insurance company?

How will you redeem your claims from the “chronic delay-er” defendant?

Or wait, do you want to forgo all the premiums paid?

Will you suffer severe injuries caused by a reckless driver and yet cover for the damages?

Will you lose your future capacity to earn a living and still pay for the medical bills?

No. This is your right!

You MUST claim your right and do so professionally for maximal results. And for that, you need to hire a bad faith lawyer.

◈ Below are more benefits of hiring a bad faith lawyer.


You are already stressed by your injuries. The last thing you need is the at-fault party denying your claim despite the evidence.

The worst case is your insurance failing to come through the one time you need their service.

Confusion, denial, and betrayal could affect your recovery. You don’t need additional stress.

Hire a bad faith lawyer to handle the complexes.

The chances are that claims are not built correctly. That’s probably why the insurance company or defendants could deny it.

And it’s okay; you’re not a lawyer. You probably don’t know how to gather evidence and launch a case.

Either way, now is not the time to learn how to build a case.

Instead, hire a bad faith lawyer. He will build your case the right way and win.

Your original claim has been denied. This has undoubtedly added to your emotional stress. So, you deserve extra compensation.

A bad faith lawyer can help.

With one, you will get what is due. Also, the lawyer will ensure you get compensation for additional damages.


Angulo Law

Group LLC Cares And We're Winners

At Angulo Law Group LLC, we frown on bad faith practices. The level of dishonesty involved is just infuriating.

That’s why we love to take over your case and “right” the “wrongs.”

For the last 3 decades, we’ve represented several “bad faith” cases. Thanks to our experience, we know how to win your case — and will.

All of us at Angulo Law Group LLC want you to have the compensation you’re due for — and more.

Will you take the hands we’re offering?

our Process.


We usually help our clients solve their bad faith cases using three simple steps:


◈ Evaluation

To help us represent you appropriately, you will walk us through the fundamentals of your claims.

Besides your answers, we'll send our agents to collect crucial evidence.


◈ Interest

As much as we care about your case, we can't do anything until you show interest in our legal services.


◈ Representation

Once the investigation is completed, we will represent you on all fronts. And say the case goes to court; we'll still be on hand to mediate and negotiate on your behalf.

In short, we will take all the stress of your claims away while you focus on recovering from the harm done.