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Since the hike in gas prices, buses have been instrumental in our lives. Whether commuting to work or for leisure, buses are lifesavers.

In essence, the chances are that you’ll be involved in a bus accident soon. That’s if you’re not already sustaining injuries from one.

Well, accidents happen!

But, at least you should be compensated for someone else’s fault; your injuries and damages should be taken care of.

That point is where we, Angulo Law Group LLC, can help. Our mission is to see you all smile with FAIR and FAT compensation.

BTW, how did the bus accident happen? What type of bus was involved? Was it an airport shuttle, RTC, tour, charter, or school bus? The type doesn’t matter. We can help either way.


Do You Need

A bus Accident Lawyer?

◈ Unlike other vehicles, buses are heavily regulated by state and federal regulations in Las Vegas and Henderson. As a result, bus accidents involve other regulatory bodies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

With such intricacies, you can hardly win at bus accident cases as a lone ranger; you need a bus accident lawyer.

Below are the benefits of hiring a bus accident lawyer.


As stated earlier, bus accidents are regulated by several bodies. These bodies oversee the following:

Bus company accountability,
Vehicle maintenance standards,
Bus drivers records — hours of service and driving times,
Training and licensing, etc.

In other words, you must understand the laws of the “overlapping” industries. For example, you must know the condition of the bus and the rules about that. If the bus was in perfect condition, how about the driver? Is the bus driver trained? Is the driver tired and reckless because he worked beyond the standard hours?

Without understanding those intricacies, you won’t know where to begin your case, let alone build it.

Fortunately, bus accident lawyers understand all the intricacies. They know how to gather evidence — through photos, interviews, and record notes.

When you don’t know how the bus accident scene works, you won’t know how to collect the evidence for your case.

Overall: you’ll be cheated out of your settlement. That’s if you receive any.

With a bus accident lawyer, on the other hand, you’ll know your rights. Even better, you’ll receive your claims in full.

Pro tip: if your case is around negligence of “duty of care,” your settlements will be relatively tangible.

Overall: hiring a bus accident lawyer will save you the trouble of studying rules when you ought to be resting.

However, ensure your lawyer is not just a representative but someone who cares about you.

In that case, Angulo Law Group LLC is your best bet in Las Vegas and Henderson.


Angulo Law

Group LLC Cares About You

In a career spanning over 3 decades, Peter M. Angulo (founder of Angulo Law Group LLC) has resolved several bus accident cases. He understands how the laws work and how victims are exploited.

Peter wants the BEST for you. And not just him; we all at Angulo Law Group LLC want you to receive the most compensation for your damages.

So, relax and recover from your accident and damages while we represent your case.

our Process.


We usually help our clients solve their bus accident cases using three simple steps:


◈ Evaluation

To help us represent you appropriately, you will walk us through the fundamentals of your claims.

Where did the accident happen?
Can you remember how it happened?
Were you partly at fault?
Do you have insurance? What type?

Besides your answers, we'll send our agents to the scene. That way, we can collect crucial evidence that corroborates your story.


◈ Interest

As much as we care about your case, we can't do anything until you show interest in our legal services.


◈ Representation

Once the investigation is completed, we will represent you on all fronts — whether insurance or legal.

And say the case goes to court; we'll still be on hand to mediate and negotiate on your behalf.

In short, we will take all the stress of your claims away while you focus on recovering.